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4 Tips For Getting Your Academic Transcripts Translated

If you are going to school abroad, you may need a translation of your current school transcripts to help with your admissions process as well as allowing you to transfer any applicable credits if possible. Academic translation services are often used by foreign students studying in the United States. They are also used by US graduates who want to get a job, residency, or driver's license in many foreign countries. If you need to have your transcripts translated, you should follow these three tips to make the process as easy as possible. 

If Your School Offers Transcripts In Your Desired Language, Opt for Those 

Some non-US schools offer transcripts in both the primary language of the country and in English. You should first check to see if your school offers transcripts in the language you need. The translation will already be completed and you will be sure that all of your studies are appropriately represented. Alternatively, some schools partner with specific translation agencies that have course descriptions on file in several languages, to make the process faster and less expensive for you, so the first place you should ask about translation is in your school's academic guidance center. 

Let the Translation Agency Know What You Need the Transcripts For

The reason you need transcripts may affect the type of translation that will be best for you. For example, if you need transcripts for a job or foreign documentation, a general translation will often be adequate. However, if you are looking to transfer academic credit, you may need a line-by-line, word-by-word translation. 

Know Whether You Need a Certified Translation

Most academic institutes will want certified, original translations, not copies. It can be a good idea to get two or three original copies of your translation when you have it made to keep for future uses. These will be copies of a single document with an original stamp and signature on them. For other purposes, such as jobs, a copy of a certified translation may be sufficient. Before you purchase a translation, know the requirements of the institute where you hope to use the transcripts. 

Academic translation is a specific field of translation that requires knowledge and experience in transcripts and academic systems. If you need an academic translation, you should make sure to find a translation agency that has the appropriate experience to guide you through the process and produce the documents you need.