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Teaching African History To Students: How To Keep Them Engaged

Are you currently teaching African history to students in your classroom? If you want the children to take interest in the topic, there are several ways to make it more exciting and interesting for them. There are a lot of great things students can learn about African history, but it's important for you to come up with creative lesson plans that help to make the learning experience fun.

Ask African Entertainers to Put on a Performance

There are a number of women and men who work as African entertainers. They may put on performances where they do different dances moves or play certain instruments. Some of the different instruments that have been used in Africa for centuries include the marimba, djembe, and the gong. These instruments may be used separately or together to produce amazing sounds that will leave your students wanting to get up and dance.

While some entertainers are playing assorted instruments, a team of dancers may begin doing different types of traditional African dances. Umteyo is one of many types of dances performed by these professionals. It involves various shaking movements. There are several other popular traditional styles performed by the entertainers, including the Adumu and Agbaei dances. If you're trying to get your students to want to learn more about African history, having some entertainers come out to the school to put on a performance would be a great way to get them excited while teaching them many new things.

Have Students Make Brochures

Encourage the students to do their own research and have them create brochures on some of the different countries in Africa. There are a total of 54 countries in Africa, so you could assign one country to each student in the classroom. Ask the students to create brochures with details about the country they've been assigned. Along with different details, including the types of outfits that are commonly worn and the types of meals that are served, you should request that each student include a few pictures in the brochure. After the students have created their brochures, have them put on a presentation in front of the class. It's a great learning experience for everyone involved.

If you'd like the students in your class to be enthusiastic when learning about African history, try to come up with some engaging lesson plans. It's a great idea to hire a professional African entertainment group to put on a show with unique instruments and assorted dance styles. It may be a good idea to have the students make their own brochures on some of the different countries throughout Africa so that they can learn more about those areas.