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Teaching African History To Students: How To Keep Them Engaged

Are you currently teaching African history to students in your classroom? If you want the children to take interest in the topic, there are several ways to make it more exciting and interesting for them. There are a lot of great things students can learn about African history, but it's important for you to come up with creative lesson plans that help to make the learn

How You Can Help Make Your Somali Students Comfortable In The Classroom

When you are a teacher, you will have a wide variety of students over the years all of whom have different personal and cultural backgrounds. Of course, every time you have a student from a culture or background that is new to you, you want to find out all you can about their culture and how to make your classroom more inclusive to them. As such, when you find that yo

4 Tips For Getting Your Academic Transcripts Translated

If you are going to school abroad, you may need a translation of your current school transcripts to help with your admissions process as well as allowing you to transfer any applicable credits if possible. Academic translation services are often used by foreign students studying in the United States. They are also used by US graduates who want to get a job, residency,

How A Translation Service Can Help You Expand Your Sales Around The Globe

If you sell information products online, then you can sell to a global market since your product is delivered electronically over the internet. The only thing that might get in your way is selling to buyers of various languages around the world when your website is in English. This problem can be solved easily by hiring a translation service to translate your site int